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Retail, Consumer Products & Services

Consumer expectations increasingly influence product design and retail practices, revealing strong sentiment towards responsible business practices that shape how companies grow revenue and sustainability. This shift is driving companies to re-evaluate their business models and find innovative solutions to meet these new demands.

Avvale propels retail and consumer products companies towards a profitable and sustainable future by leveraging industry experience and understanding with original and fresh methodology. From material and packaging evaluation to as-a-service strategies, Avvale empowers customers to break free from trend cycles and set the industry tone through digital transformation. 

Retail Vertical Solutions


E2E Store Management

  • Store management solution
  • Omnichannel calendar
  • Store visit tool
  • Store picture management

From Merchandise to Payment

  • Merchandise planning
  • Printed flyer
  • Digital flyer
  • Product information management
  • Commerce B2B & B2C
  • Marketing automation integration

Cross Functional Expertise

  • ESG Digital Governance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud data platform
  • Advanced and predictive Analytics

Predictive Merchandise Planning

  • Reduce risks and costs at product launch
  • Preserve revenue and brand value, by reducing markdown, control competition.
  • Improve product selling performance.
  • Reduce Time-to-Market from idea to retail store.
  • Improve Sustainability reducing less waste.
predictive merchandising

Store Management

Control and manage store assets, photos, and publications through an approval workflow, and optimize the communication between stores and corporate.

Store Management Solution

  • Manage the entire life cycle of the store, from the negotiation phase and approval of the investment, to the planning and monitoring of activities carried out on the stores (opening, closure, transfer, refurbishment, etc).
  • Manage all data and documents referring to each property or store available, guaranteeing easy access even from a mobile device according to the different company roles and authorizations held.
  • Cover the end to end Facility Management Process to from intervention request to the maintenance service payment.
store managers desktop
We believe in a digital innovation that is technology driven and human centered.
Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our clients and our clients' customers through the development of digital solutions that drive operational excellence and sustainable value for their extended ecosystem.



Case Study

Optimizing Medicine Distribution with Mobile and Real-Time Access

Step into the future of medication distribution: a private non-profit corporation within Colombia's social protection system obtains a smart warehouse for medication dispensing. Leveraging real-time tracking and mobile access, the solution enables se...

Case Study

Driving Sales Success: Fratelli Branca's 100% Spike in Orders with SAP Emarsys

Discover how Fratelli Branca leveraged SAP Emarsys for their digital transformation, enhancing customer engagement, personalized interactions, and boosting sales through their online platform.

Case Study

From Fragmentation to Integration: Berlin Packaging's Journey towards Unified Financial Management

Leveraging OneStream's Intelligent Finance platform, Avvale tailored a solution to address Berlin Packaging's challenges, resulting in streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and compliance with both ITA GAAP and US GAAP standards.

Case Study

Enhancing Supply Chain Operations for Seamless Communication

Global fashion powerhouse leverages the AWS cloud platform to optimize its supply chain operations, promoting scalability and communication efficiency.

Case Study

Streamlining Invoice Processing for Maximized Efficiency and Operational Performance

Discover how Avvale partnered with a private non-profit corporation in Colombia to modernize their invoicing operations, processing over 172 million financial documents seamlessly.

Case Study

Branca Group Elevates Controlling Model Achieving Operational Excellence

Avvale’s implementation transforms Branca's industrial controlling model, enhancing financial control and providing operational insight for optimized resource allocation and informed decision-making.

Case Study

Corvias Saves 10,000 Labor Hours Annually and Cuts Five Accounting Touchpoints with SAP S/4HANA® and SAP BTP

Discover how Corvias turned to Avvale and SAP to reimagine back-office workflows to help drive efficiency in combination with technology.

Case Study

Transforming HR Operations: Empowering Europe's Largest Cooperative with Talentia HCM

Discover how Avvale transformed a leading cooperative’s HR operations by activating all the modules of a new Core HR Suite through a technical and functional migration from their current Talentia HCM 10 system.

Case Study

Avvale and Talentia HCM Suite: Empowering Efficiency and Optimization in the Luxury Industry

Learn how adopting Talentia HCM Suite empowers Italy’s first integrated manufacturing hub.

Case Study

Scalable Consumer Packaged Goods Company Automates with SAP S/4HANA

Discover how our CPG customer overcame siloed IT systems for order-to-cash, production planning, supply chain management, and financial processes.

Case Study

Multinational Grocery Retailer Embraces HCM Digital Transformation

Discover how our global grocery client streamlined eight human resource areas across four applications into one simplified, connected solution.

Case Study

Friopeças Optimizes Workforce Budgeting and Planning

Find out how Avvale helped Friopeças gain better control over their payroll and finances by implementing Oracle Planning Cloud, allowing them to analyze their expenses more efficiently and make more effective workforce decisions.

Case Study

Lavazza Gains Operational Efficiency and Reduces Carbon Footprint with Cloud Migration

Learn how Lavazza Group embarked on a Technology Transformation Program to migrate all their on-premise data centers and enterprise workloads to a single cloud environment.

Case Study

Goglio Group Reaches New Markets with Info-Commerce Enhancement

Discover how Goglio aimed to expand its market by implementing new business models and adding an info-commerce function to its classic e-commerce engine to offer highly customized packaging products.

Case Study

Reduce Closing Time through Consolidated Financial Ecosystem

Discover how an integrated planning and controlling model can quickly and securely connect finance with the entire business.

Case Study

Pastas Gallo Crafts Recipe for Scalability After Migrating to the Cloud

Find out how Pastas Gallo quickly and securely migrated to the cloud, paving the way for further scalability.

Case Study

Extending Profitability Beyond Checkout: Recirculating Products Using No-Code AI Platform

Discover how Avvale's 2023 SAP Hackathon winning solution, Reclaim, leverages no-code app development and SAP BTP’s AI platform to increase prosperity while reducing dependency on materials and energy.

Case Study

Scalable flexibility crafted for Cricut using AWS Cloud

Learn how Avvale helped Cricut migrate their SAP workloads to AWS Cloud with minimal downtime. The seamless transition resulted in infrastructure flexibility, reduced cost, and increased confidence in their disaster recovery plan, setting the foundat...

Case Study

Callaway Golf Elevates Planning Process to the Cloud

Callaway Golf exponentially expanded business globally, which presents some unique challenges. Avvale stepped up with a solution to support their growth.