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Sales Operations

Now more than ever customers are harder to engage and retain. The way organizations interact with them is rapidly changing, evolving journeys to meet higher expectations. Sales and service operations become the cornerstones of a sustainable and profitable business.

Our Capabilities

We help companies reimagine how they approach customers, working in hyper-competitive contexts by providing process knowledge, solutions, and insight to explore and execute strategies that generate long-term value.

Customer Data Management

Digital technologies enable the collection of large amounts of structured and unstructured data often fragmented across different systems. Generating value requires a deep and integrated knowledge that connects data related to customers’ behaviors and purchases during each phase of their journey.

We help companies overcome fragmentation to generate truly valuable insights and strategies, integrating customer data to take advantage of unique insights that drive business growth.

Configure Price and Quote

Companies have to constantly walk a fine line between profit margin and market share, managing thousands of products, providing quick, accurate pricing data to dozens, or even hundreds, of sales teams and points of sale.

We help customers transform their quote-to-cash process to improve the speed and efficacy of sales negotiations while maintaining control of profitability and increasing upsell potential.

Strategic Sales Force Automation

We help customers optimize the selling process by leveraging real-time information and predictive strategies, through targeted customer profiles, competitors, and buyers analysis.

We help customers achieve sales execution excellence, ensuring high visibility, and efficient management of key figures such as stocks, promotions and campaigns.

Sales Performance Management

Driving effective sales performance requires a detailed understanding of sales cycle effectiveness through a rigorous analysis of sales related data points and KPIs.

We help companies boost sales opportunities and closing rates, leveraging cutting-edge solutions and artificial intelligence to deliver personalized nurturing strategies for sustainable growth.

Incentive Compensation Management

Companies need to define strategic incentive compensation plans to drive the right sales outcomes.

We support customers in optimizing the processes behind selling behaviors, mitigating risks, disputes, and errors through a business oriented approach, designing tailored solutions that leverage best in class applications and technologies.

Service and Field Service Management

Today's customers want to be informed, helped, and heard immediately. Brands must rethink their customer service and field service strategies to support the entire journey: before, during, and after sale.

We help companies adopt the latest technology solutions based on omnichannel and intelligence customer services. Blending companies’ brand identity and values into a customer experience strategy, we help them gain a competitive advantage focusing on maximizing customers’ satisfaction.

As a service Business Model

Servitization is a primary enabler of Circular Economy, and surely one of the top strategies for companies who are willing to increase their profitability while being sustainable. As-a-service business models allow the shift from selling a product, to selling the value of that asset to users in need.

We help companies explore this opportunity - from the analysis of their current business models and operations, to the design and actual implementation of new as-a-service models, leveraging digital technologies and our proprietary methodology to activate new revenue streams.

Industry 4.0 Transition

Industry 4.0 is a well-known concept, yet only a few companies have taken action despite seeing its potential value. Digital technologies are completely remodeling industrial production processes, providing greater flexibility, increased productivity and higher quality.

We guide companies in the transition towards their “Future Factories”, starting with people across the enterprise and, only then, focusing on the technologies that could be more helpful to support employees working with complex equipment and processes and ultimately, to do more with less.

Customer Engagement Revolution

People’s lives revolve around interactions – with other people, brands, products and devices. In a world where the line between digital and physical is extremely blurred, organizations must design and deliver meaningful, next-level customer experiences in order to stay relevant and keep growing.

Bringing together a passion for data, design, technology and customers, we help companies model end-to-end experiences in the phygital world, reimagining their Sales, Marketing and Services digital platforms through a human-centered approach.

Intelligent Automation

To achieve real intelligent automation, an enterprise-wide approach is required - which means designing around people and technologies simultaneously.

Leveraging our approach and technological expertise, we help companies build solutions to achieve quality Augmented-Humans at scale, empowering their employees and letting them focus where they can make a real difference.

Innovation as a Service

Your people’s knowledge is an incredible (often underrated) resource to leverage - if guided with the right approach, it’s your own people who will make innovation happen.

We have developed a proprietary methodology to work with both people and technology: let us help you develop and launch MVPs, according to the Learning-by-doing concept, and deploy your innovation in the most effective way

Digital Technology Onboarding

Get your team aligned with the latest technologies, through our interactive workshops! This journey, tailored to your industry and needs, shows real use cases and practical examples about how emerging technologies can represent a competitive advantage for your company.

A perfect first step to start all-around company-wide digital transformation as well as area-specific digitization processes.


Our Approach

We provide advisory and consulting services, offering methodology, approach, and frameworks that help companies improve inside sales lead conversion rate and optimize customer satisfaction and retention.

Exploit Intelligent Sales, Service, and Field Service Opportunities

With a mix of business process knowledge and digital technology expertise, we help our customers execute modern digital transformation programs. Our methodology and agile delivery principles accelerate project implementation and solution adoptions ultimately reducing the time to value.

Our Partners

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Case Study

Tailor-Made Suite of Applications Platform to Manage Global Retail Store Network

Our global retail client needed a solution to improve communication and enable the rapid deployment of corporate guidelines.

Case Study

Abbott Improves Its Commercial Processes

Learn how Abbott utilized SAP Sales Cloud to unify their commercial processes and optimize results, including increasing productivity and improving customer service.

Case Study

Cenosa Manages and Optimizes Its Sales Process

Discover how Cenosa aimed to automate and optimize processes in sales and customer service by implementing a management tool that supported itinerant sales, route and visit management, on-route order taking and invoicing, contract and installed base ...

Case Study

Grupo Azkoyen Standardizes After-Sales Process

Discover how Grupo Azkoyen improved their customer service experience and optimized service times while reducing operating costs.

Case Study

Bancard Improves Customer Experience by Optimizing Its Commercial and Service Processes

Discover how Bancard, a leader in payment services in Paraguay, began its journey to success by improving processes and optimizing the customer experience.

Technology Enabled

“I did not know that was possible” is one of the most common outcomes of a conversation between a business team with a need and a Technology Expert.

That’s why Digital Technology Enablement is so critical: by showing use cases and real examples of technology applied, we lay the foundation for concrete incremental innovation development – ultimately empowering the business with technology as a force multiplier.

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People Centric

Digital Transformation is about using technology to transform business processes, models, and organizations.

It is about using the insights brought both by users and technology to envision new business models, markets, and more efficient ways of attracting, engaging, and delivering value to customers.

Focusing on people rather than processes or technologies, allows to envision lean solutions truly built around their business needs, maximizing benefits and  accelerating adoption.

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Methodology based

The beNIMBL Loop is a proprietary methodology designed to maximize the alignment between people and technology, helping companies introduce fast, tangible, and impactful innovations.

Six different variants have been tailored for specific scenarios and industries according to people and company objectives.

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