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UiPath is a leading provider of robotic process automation (RPA) software solutions, with a comprehensive suite of tools to comprehend, automate, and manage end-to-end processes, delivering unmatched speed and value.
RPA technology enables organizations to automate repetitive, rule-based tasks and processes by using software robots, often referred to as "bots".

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36+ Successful Automation Journey Design services delivered
200+ Successful RPA Implementation
17M Euros / Year saving as Total Economic Impact for our customers thanks to an effective adoption strategy

Our Expertise


Automation Journey Design

Our co-design inspired methodology and the intensive utilization of real use cases enable an effective journey design to quickly adapt and scale our customers' operations, in accordance with new requirements and demands. Different automation waves are defined with their business and financial impact to maximize ROI. 
A successful automation journey starts with a tailored and comprehensive yet pragmatic plan.

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Test Automation

Test automation offers a consistently scalable and effective approach to quality assurance, ultimately mitigating risks to business continuity.
We assist our customers in developing and designing test automation programs, collaborating closely with their quality assurance teams, and providing the necessary tools and processes to manage and automate their work, all with the goal of enhancing the resilience of their business processes.

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Automation-as-a-Service & E2E Support

We offer our customers an Automation Platform-as-a-Service, providing support in all stages, from designing the Automation Journey to implementing automation, maintaining services, delivering training, and assisting in CoE Team startup. Our aim is to assist businesses in harnessing the full potential of this emerging technology, thereby enhancing efficiency and competitiveness in their business processes.

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Success is a team effort.
We select our partnerships with the clear objective to establish active, value-adding relationships that positively affects the whole ecosystem.



Case Study

Madrileña Red De Gas Reduces Response Time from Hours to Minutes with RPA

Discover how Madrileña Red De Gas added significant speed to response times using RPA.