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A centralized solution for decentralized global organizations.

OneStream is a Unified Platform for all your Corporate Performance Management processes.

🏅 Avvale is OneStream Gold Partner.

OneStream Software provides a revolutionary CPM 2.0 solution that unifies and simplifies financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics and financial data quality by offering scalable cloud solutions with rapid deployment and security and high availability of the Azure Cloud.

Our Expertise


Financial Close and Consolidation

OneStream revolutionizes financial close and consolidation for sophisticated enterprises, eliminating the reliance on legacy tools ill-suited for global teams' requirements by enabling streamlined processes through automated data loading, reconciliation, and reporting, resulting in faster data refreshes, swift resolution of data quality issues, increased confidence in financial results through 100% data transparency and comprehensive audit trails, and real-time insights for extensive foreign exchange and cash flow reporting.

Financial Consolidation ➞

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Unlock the power of integrated business planning by leveraging unified planning, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities along with comprehensive financial reporting, enabling strategic planning and modeling for growth strategies and initiatives, financial budgeting and forecasting with drill-down capabilities, detailed operational planning including people planning, and predictive analytics for modeling and forecasting across all planning processes.

Planning & Controlling ➞

Reporting & Analysis

Harness the power of OneStream's single platform for rapid, high-quality reporting and analysis, offering guided reporting with a pre-built library, seamless Excel integration with drill-down capabilities on multiple dimensions, interactive dashboards for easy production reporting, Microsoft Office Blend for a rich reporting experience and efficient data refreshes, and an Analytic Blend feature to combine financial, operational, and transactional data, eliminating data latency.

ESG Reporting ➞
Advanced Analytics ➞
Data Monetization ➞

Machine Learning

Transform your teams from processors to analyzers by leveraging ML-based demand forecasts, incorporating business intuition and factors such as unforeseen economic changes, product promotions and sales events to optimize planning across the enterprise and unify demand plans with sales, costs, inventory, and labor plans.

AI & ML ➞

Financial Data Quality Management

Achieve accurate financial reporting and strengthen audit controls through simplified and seamless data transformation and integrations from leading ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics, offering drill-back and drill-through capabilities for enhanced transparency, data integrity, and guided workflows with comprehensive audit trails covering metadata and process changes visibility.

Data Monetization ➞
Integration API ➞

Accounts Reconciliation

Automate your accounts reconciliation with financial reporting, replacing spreadsheets or third-party bolt-on accounts reconciliation software solutions.

Data Monetization ➞

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Case Study

From Fragmentation to Integration: Berlin Packaging's Journey towards Unified Financial Management

Leveraging OneStream's Intelligent Finance platform, Avvale tailored a solution to address Berlin Packaging's challenges, resulting in streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and compliance with both ITA GAAP and US GAAP standards.