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Avvale joins the GROW with SAP Partners program

May 13, 2024 Avvale


The strong bond between Avvale and SAP has a history that dates back over 20 years, a collaboration that has progressively strengthened over time.

Delivering numerous successful projects for our clients, continuous training for Avvalers through the acquisition of numerous certifications, and ongoing dialogue with SAP have made us one of the leading reference partners. The dedication and excellence demonstrated over the years are reflected today in the attribution of the GROW with SAP recognition, further emphasizing Avvale's position as a leader in offering innovative and high-quality SAP solutions.

Avvale stands out as an SAP partner due to its consistent commitment to digital transformation and a circular approach. The acquisition of the SAP S/4HANA CLOUD certification in 2016 undoubtedly positioned us prominently in the market, allowing us to offer Cloud solutions and present our innovative approach. Over the years, alongside implementing Private Cloud solutions, we have completed solid training on Public Cloud projects that are gradually gaining traction, particularly in the Italian and Spanish markets, where Avvale currently has several active projects.

The Public Cloud approach provides significant advantages to companies by simplifying system updates through a single point of contact. Avvale's expertise, combined with effective methodology and modern SAP technology, enables organizations to obtain information rapidly, optimize processes, and effectively meet business needs. Our winning strategy is based on a holistic approach, lean methodology, scalability, global geographic coverage, and personalized attention as a partner with a significant local presence. This approach has allowed Avvale to access the latest GROW with SAP initiative.




GROW with SAP is a program designed to help medium-sized businesses adopt cloud ERP, ensuring speed, predictability, and continuous innovation. Companies relying on a GROW with SAP partner benefit from the same best practices that drive global leading enterprises, while also enjoying rapid implementation and access to ongoing updates. The GROW with SAP offering combines SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public edition, with accelerated adoption services and a community of experts, enabling customers to go live within a few weeks. This is of great value for medium-sized and agile companies, where business evolves quickly, and responsiveness is a differentiating factor.

The recognition and opportunity to join the GROW with SAP program marks a significant step in the twenty-year partnership between Avvale and SAP, confirming Avvale as a trusted and quality partner within the small & medium business segment. This milestone not only underscores the strength of the existing collaboration but also heralds the start of a new phase of innovation in the SAP cloud world: an innovation accessible to an increasingly broad range of clients in the market. Avvale is ready to fully leverage this opportunity to extend sustainable innovation models to customers and develop new and ambitious projects in the Public Cloud arena to ensure cutting-edge solutions that drive digital innovation for our clients.

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