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AWS Outposts: Cloud Migration Bridge

August 10, 2023 Avvale

The Complete Hybrid Infrastructure Solution

On the fence about moving to the cloud? Get a glimpse into the power this infrastructure enables with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts. This solution can simply be added to your existing infrastructure, and is a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools to any virtual data center or on-premises systems. Meaning you can test run the full power of AWS cloud before fully migrating. 

In turn, this gives businesses the opportunity to experience the benefits of AWS cloud; including the ability to develop, deploy, and manage applications seamlessly between on-premises servers and the cloud. You will see how operations are optimized, eases infrastructure management, and how applications can exist in any environment. Even better, outposts are managed and supported by AWS remotely. 


5 Reasons to Use AWS Outposts:
  1. Increase Visibility
    You will gain a unified platform to manage your entire infrastructure. This complete view empowers you to determine which areas can become more efficient and eases day to day management.

  2. Transferable Infrastructure
    Outposts utilize the same infrastructure as the one used for AWS cloud. This eases migration as there is infrastructure consistency and guaranteed compatibility between your on-premises landscape and the cloud.

  3. Hybrid Cloud Flexibility
    The option to create a hybrid cloud infrastructure that combines the scalability and flexibility of the cloud with on-premises environments becomes viable. Moreover, this allows you to build and test applications in the cloud while deploying them on-premises.

  4. Compliance
    Companies with strict privacy data requirements (such as finance, healthcare, or government) might be hesitant with storing data in a public cloud. However they can leverage AWS outposts to maintain data on-premises and have full control of it while taking advantage of the cloud's scalability and agility.

  5. Low Latency
    By placing compute and storage centers closer to your data sources, Outposts reduces latency with data transfers. This is important for applications that require real-time data processing or have strict latency requirements.
How it Works

To get started, you will order an outpost and an AWS personnel will deliver and install it in your facility. Once this is complete, a new zone will be created in the closest AWS Region and only your datacenter will be connected to this zone. This zone provides a company with the ability to place computing/storage in a location that is closer to users, which is how low latency is possible. 

Once the outposts are connected to the appropriate AWS Region, it will automatically appear in your AWS Management Console. This console application allows you to manage any AWS related services at any time. 

Bridge to Migration

AWS Outposts bridges the gap between full cloud deployments and on-premises installations. This hybrid solution provides a unique infrastructure that runs locally and in the cloud, while maintaining the same services and interfaces. Moreover, outposts simplify the management and maintenance needed for your entire infrastructure. With its seamless integration and hybrid model, businesses can get a taste of what the cloud offers. By leveraging AWS Outposts, organizations can achieve greater agility, scalability, and operational efficiency in their hybrid cloud deployments.

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