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Google Cloud Cortex Framework

Avvale has more than 20 years of expertise in SAP technologies. We apply templates provided by Cortex and use BigQuery to increase the power of SAP data on the Google Cloud platform.
The Cortex framework enables the GCP functionalities quickly, unleashing the power of cloud native analytics on data structures.

Advanced Analytics ➞

Developing APIs with Google Cloud's Apigee API platform

Experts in modern application, we build solutions with Apigee: from API lifecycle development, leveraging API-first strategy, to identifying capabilities and best practices to secure, scale, and manage APIs and API products.

Cloud Native Dev ➞
Integration API ➞

Data Platform & Analytics

Google's ecosystem offers a wide range of tools that generate valuable data, delivering substantial advantages for businesses. We have empowered our clients to leverage Google Analytics data effectively by creating customized solutions that unlock the power of data for the different departments, with a specialization in Marketing and Sales data strategy.

Digital Marketing ➞
AI & ML ➞

Cloud Infrastructure

We guide our customers towards the best cloud adoption strategy: migration execution and cloud management services, we support customers all along their transformation journey.

Cloud Strategy Migration ➞

Firebase & Mobile Development

By combining an innovative mobile experience with the power of the broad cloud ecosystem, we  accelerate deployment, enhance performance monitoring, increase usage, and improve user engagement of our software solutions.

Cloud Native Dev ➞


We integrate our SAP skills, as Gold Partner, with the cloud knowledge to design secure and resilient architectures on the cloud for the SAP technologies.


Success is a team effort.
We select our partnerships with the clear objective to establish active, value-adding relationships that positively affects the whole ecosystem.



Case Study

Pastas Gallo Crafts Recipe for Scalability After Migrating to the Cloud

Find out how Pastas Gallo quickly and securely migrated to the cloud, paving the way for further scalability.

Case Study

Southwire migrates SAP workloads with Google Cloud

Southwire migrated their SAP workloads to Google Cloud for improved functionality and security. The move led to a technology refresh and performance boost in their systems, accelerating their digital journey and ability to meet customer needs.